Cartoon: Bryant Apolonio
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The internet grows curious crops: one of the latest is adult entertainment crowd-funding websites. A handful of sites dedicated to allowing users to fund whichever X-rated project piques their interest have emerged over the past year.

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Fashion blogs: Gevinson, Rookie, and critique

In the last decade blogging has been lauded for allowing the fashion scene to become more diverse and less exclusive. Fashion blogging is the new ‘it’ girl of the media scene. Bloggers have become brands unto themselves, as evidenced by the arrival of Tavi Gevinson, the 17-year-old fashion blogger and editor-in-chief of Rookie magazine, an…

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A brave new world for Civ 5

  When Civilization V first came out in 2010, it was pretty terrible. For a game that was meant to simulate the rise and fall of the world’s greatest civilisations, it left a whole lot of stuff out. For instance, there was no religion, no real simulation of or reference to imperialism, and no espionage.…

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Art is in the eye of the player

Videogames, by definition, have always had an element of choice within them. After all, interactivity separates games from other, more passive forms of entertainment. But what is extraordinary is the recent advent of games incorporating choice into their narratives and character arcs in order to say something meaningful either about the human condition, the wider…

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The internet we used to love

“Forward this email to everyone in your contact list by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and your crush will realise how much they like you.” As terrible as those 90s chain emails were, they did add a little something to your inbox. I was the first to send them around in an attempt to claim that $1,000,000 the…