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Top 5 Emoticons

;P The wink tongue face combines two much-loved and ubiquitous emoticons into one catchall classic. Feeling saucy? Feeling ironic? Feeling like what you just typed could be grossly misinterpreted and shit is about to get awkward? This face fixes everything. Whack it in at the end of any and all sentences and you’ll come across…

"Imagine no" - Horse_ebooks (10/5/13)
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NETIQUETTE: An unlikely sage

Humans search for meaning in all kinds of bizarre places. We might read too much into a small coincidence, take up prayer or meditation, or find the face of Jesus Christ in a piece of toast. But perhaps the most unlikely candidate to offer pearls of wisdom is the notorious Twitter spambot Horse_ebooks. Currently, the…

Cupertino: the Damn You Auto Correct of the '90s
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When spell-check strikes back: the Cupertino effect

Before there was Damn You Auto Correct, there was the Cupertino effect. The effect derives its name from the spell-check dictionary on Microsoft Word 97, which only contained the hyphenated spelling of ‘co-operation’. This meant the British form ‘cooperation’ would be automatically corrected to ‘Cupertino’ (in a bizarre coincidence, Cupertino turns out to be a…

News Limited CEO, Kim Williams
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News Limited CEO: you are all “copyright kleptomaniacs”

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re a criminal. At the risk of generalising, we are a generation of benign thieves. We steal as if there was nothing illegal about it. Hidden behind a desk and a monitor, otherwise law abiding Australians knowingly steal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV…