"Imagine no" - Horse_ebooks (10/5/13)
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NETIQUETTE: An unlikely sage

Humans search for meaning in all kinds of bizarre places. We might read too much into a small coincidence, take up prayer or meditation, or find the face of Jesus Christ in a piece of toast. But perhaps the most unlikely candidate to offer pearls of wisdom is the notorious Twitter spambot Horse_ebooks. Currently, the…

Cupertino: the Damn You Auto Correct of the '90s
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When spell-check strikes back: the Cupertino effect

Before there was Damn You Auto Correct, there was the Cupertino effect. The effect derives its name from the spell-check dictionary on Microsoft Word 97, which only contained the hyphenated spelling of ‘co-operation’. This meant the British form ‘cooperation’ would be automatically corrected to ‘Cupertino’ (in a bizarre coincidence, Cupertino turns out to be a…

News Limited CEO, Kim Williams
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News Limited CEO: you are all “copyright kleptomaniacs”

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you’re a criminal. At the risk of generalising, we are a generation of benign thieves. We steal as if there was nothing illegal about it. Hidden behind a desk and a monitor, otherwise law abiding Australians knowingly steal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV…