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A means to an end: Xiaoran Shi

Within these pages, death speaks in myriad voices: a female vigilante wearing the armour of a Roman goddess seeks retributive justice on page 7, a deeply personal account of euthanasia makes a compelling case for legalising assisted suicide on page 10, a visit to Graceland reveals how death has not hindered the evolution of an…

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The art of listening: Mariana Podesta-Diverio

As easy it is to become apathetic about the current state of Australian politics and give up altogether, your vote will help lessen the possibility of an Abbott-led government. Use it wisely. But of course, you’ve heard this all before, so I’ll leave it here. Don’t let him win. Now, onto more practical matters. Being…

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It’s personal: Hannah Ryan

Being political isn’t just about standing on a picket. This week’s Honi tells personal stories, reveals cultural structures, lifts veils and opens windows, exposing the private, and encourages you to live in defiance of the cultural authoritarianism we are all subject to but largely blind to.

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Who cares about Kevin: Nick Rowbotham

Can Kevin Rudd win the election on September 7? Who knows, and in some ways, who cares. There are more important questions, like: why is ecstasy so expensive in Australia? And why would you risk attempting to smuggle drugs into a festival when no less than 282 people were caught in possession of them at…