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“A political choice”

The vote to remove Vice-President Tom Raue may have been the most publicised decision that the USU Board has made in recent memory, but it was not the most important. This is not to trivialise the fight for transparency; it’s just to say that the choice of how to spend $22 million of student money…

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Gender trouble

Three weeks ago we launched an online survey to learn more about Honi Soit’s demographics and what our readers wanted. One of the questions we asked was: “What is your gender identity?” We provided fifty-seven different options, including cis male and cis female, trans*, gender nonconforming, bi-gender and intersex. Though we recognise these options were…

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As journalists, as activists

“As the only editors in the world covering the ongoing saga of Tom Raue’s potential expulsion from the USU Board in depth, we find ourselves questioning what exactly it is we’re supposed to be doing.”

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Well, we tried

“If you missed it, last week we expressed concern about the Senate-appointed directors voting in the election of the USU executive. It frightens us that the vote of these directors, neither elected nor students, could swing a close election. We think this would be anti-democratic: taking control of the student union out of student hands.”