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Abbott not really an asshole

It was with utter elation and raw unfiltered emotion that Tony Abbott was presented with the news of Labor’s turnaround in asylum seeker policy under Prime Minister Rudd this week.

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Abbott victim of dog whistle politics

Today, opposition Leader Tony Abbott has become the latest victim of dog whistle politics after he was brutally mauled in a dog attack. A spokesman for Abbott claims that a mob of dogs set upon the politician as he left a press conference yesterday. “They were mostly minature poodles, shitzus and pugs, but they were…

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Honi Soit is produced just metres from the wall Tony Abbott is said to have ‘punched’ at the end of a brutal 1977 SRC election campaign. With the history of these rooms now the subject of national news, Michael Koziol took the opportunity to dig through the archives.