Honi Soit writing competiton. Entries close July 29
Perspective //

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

We celebrated the tenth birthday of my little sister recently. She is a well-rounded individual who divides her time between netball, swimming, playing the flute, reading and tending to her ant farm. Selecting her annual birthday tribute is increasingly difficult, however. The girl already owns two game consoles, holds a controlling interest in the Lego…

Culture //

As the Dove flies

I wear makeup, I enjoy wearing makeup, and I probably spend too much money acquiring makeup. I’ll easily admit that there are days where I wouldn’t want to go to uni without wearing some concealer and eyeliner, a pencil to which I have a possibly addictive relationship. It is undeniable that makeup and beauty products…

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NETIQUETTE: The battleground of online opinion

We’ve all done it on occasion. You’re halfway through a controversial opinion piece and you scroll down to see the comments. Perhaps you’ll hop onto Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit and see what’s being said about the latest news. Perhaps you’ll even vote in a poll just to see the current results. There’s something about the…