Disruption - 10th Annual Honi Soit Writing Competition
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Indigenous Honi Editorial

Another year goes by and, again, I find myself huddled up in the Honi office for a few more weeks. I’ve been overusing Facebook ‘stickers’ as unrelated reaction images amidst a flurry of typing, laying up and begging my contributors to please send their work in so I can edit it! I’ve been so snowed…

Week8 cover
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Issue Seven Editorial: There’s Always Next Week.

Editorials are always a little too self-congratulatory for my taste.[1] To be honest, until this year I’d never bothered to read one. That’s not to say they don’t have a purpose, so, if you’ll excuse me the indulgence, here’s a few lines on Why We I Do It. Editing can be a lot of fun,…

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G’day weaklings, Literal myth and legend G-d of the Old Testament, here. Seems a lot of people seem to have a problem with my style. The fashionable thing is to wear tight pants and decry my book as past-it while some have nerve to claim that I’m not bloody relevant anymore! Fancy that! It’s not…