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OWeek Letters 2016

The things I do for Honi Dear last year’s editors, There’s something you should be aware of regarding your final edition. I travelled to Israel, admittedly in rather peculiar circumstances. I had not slept for a couple of days when in the middle of the night I drained my bank account for the next flight…

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Semester Two, Issue 9 Editorial II

Goodbye.[1] Peter Walsh   [1] I’m writing this at 11:40 pm on a Monday night and Honi, gracefully, is not due until Tuesday due to Labour Day. My highest aspiration with this paper was that people would read it and not feel like they’ve wasted their time. Still, there are always alternatives and now more than…

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Peculiar Turnbullisms: Malcolm At Sydney Uni

Abbott’s career at uni was littered with allegations well documented in the annals of Honi Soit–punching walls, kicking down doors, threatening women and general gronkness. But how does Turnbull’s hack career measure up? Honi took to the archives to see what Malcolm was like at uni.

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Semester Two, Issue One Editorial

“It is terrible” “use it to wipe my bum” “more vaginas lol” That’s some of the feedback from our mid-year reader survey rearranged into a haiku. “Atrocious bias against Liberals. Hasn’t been a good year for Honi” “More articles that dont constantly bash all men.” And that’s the consequence of sharing the survey on Reddit.…