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“The Gap”: Indigenous issues in 2014

The University of Sydney is just a few minutes’ walk away from Redfern Park, where Prime Minister Paul Keating once stood and declared shame on behalf of his country for the crimes committed against Indigenous Australians throughout history.  When Keating stood in in that park and claimed responsibility for these atrocities- admitting, at long last,…

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Editorial: Indigenous Edition

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to be able to deliver a newspaper packed full of our culture to you, our readers. It is my hope that this inaugural edition of Indigenous Honi will found a tradition that will continue to provide students with an opportunity to develop a richer appreciation for Indigenous cultures and…

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The City-Dweller’s Guide to Bush Tucker

Jasmin Herro is a descendent of the Torres Strait Islands who is currently in her third year, studying in the Faculty of Agriculture. She finds that through a shared love of food, non-Indigenous people may develop a connection to country and Indigenous cultures.

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If only you understood

What follows illustrates the nature of the racism Nathan Sheldon-Anderson has faced, based on first hand experience. Here, Sheldon-Anderson courageously challenges racism on behalf of a majority of Indigenous Australians and for people of colour at large. Indigenous Honi invites you to immerse yourself in his world…