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Fear and Loathing in Canberra

I’m happy to acknowledge that the chances of the 2012 Labor leadership spill being made into a feature film are about the same as anyone actually wanting to see that same movie; which is to say very poor. I mean, it has enough white people for a studio to greenlight it, but recounting the debacle…

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addresses the official guests at the opening of the Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence.  [Credit: Australian Civil-Military Centre, licensed under CC BY 2.0]
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TOP SECRET Military Report

Military Report: For the consideration of Special Forces Agent Benjamin L Willard regarding the rogue activities of Kevin Rudd since the 2013 Federal Election Arrangements are being made for your transportation up the Murray Darling River by Naval boat on the 26/09/2013 in order for the immediate investigation and arrest of Kevin Rudd, recent ex-prime…

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Who cares about Kevin: Nick Rowbotham

Can Kevin Rudd win the election on September 7? Who knows, and in some ways, who cares. There are more important questions, like: why is ecstasy so expensive in Australia? And why would you risk attempting to smuggle drugs into a festival when no less than 282 people were caught in possession of them at…

Smash the Rich, Save the Base
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Smash the rich, save the base

While the history of Chinese communism is complex, a little polishing makes the parallels with contemporary Australian political life shine through. A few years ago, I was walking down Eastern Avenue with a senior journalist from a major Chinese news organisation when we were approached by a couple of Socialist Alternative (SA) leafleteers. The SA…

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Money Changes Everything

While universities are required to consult student organisations about how the Student Services and Amenities Fee should be spent, they have no obligation to pass any of it on to student unions, councils, or other organisations. Adam Chalmers investigates where your money might end up, amid ongoing tension between the student union and the university.