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Nation Union of Students logo on fire
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Christmas comes early: National Union of Students national conference wrap up

The revelation that the organisation’s finances had been misrepresented to successive General Secretaries brought to an end a tumultuous week at the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference last week. NUS is made up of campus organisations from around the country, including the Sydney University’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC). NUS affiliates pay annual fees to…

alice in cumberland
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Alice in Cumberland

The unlikely story of how the Faculty of Health Sciences became the kingmakers of student politics. John Gooding reports.

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The Manning Files – Week 1, Semester 1, 2014

A plague on both your houses In the diary of every campus hack the day of the annual Liberal vs. Labor debate is circled harder than any other. The topic for this year’s debate was “that the Abbott Government has it right on ‘stopping the boats’”. Seconds into Kanika Batra’s opening comments, from the Liberal…

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Turnitin time

Dear Honi, Academic dishonesty, as the SRC’s Education Department reminds us each and every year, covers a multitude of sins, including fabricating data, misrepresenting results, “recycling” past assessments, and simply copying someone else’s work without giving them the credit. Ironically, nobody seems to have told the SRC Education Officers, Eleanor Morley and Ridah Hassan. Of…

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A Retelling of the Labor/Liberal O-Week Debate

The following transcript has been taken from surviving excerpts of a notebook unearthed in Section 3A of the Quarantined Zone, on the site formerly occupied by the 2014 O-Week Main Stage tent. TRIGGER WARNING: Honi Soit apologises for any distressing content.