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  • Fashion blogs: Gevinson, Rookie, and critique

    In the last decade blogging has been lauded for allowing the fashion scene to become more diverse and less exclusive. Fashion blogging is the new...

  • Death with dignity

    Rafi Alam puts the proposed euthanasia bill into perspective

  • Limbo of the Left

    Where are the great storytellers and heroes of the Left, asks Yitzi Tuvel. This piece came second in the 2012 Honi Soit opinion competition, judged...

  • Time to crucify Lance?

    Is the white flag an admission of guilt, asks Madeleine King

  • Why Queerspace Autonomy?

    The autonomy debate rages on, but the voices of those who need it most still aren’t being heard, writes Anonymous.

  • Regional newspapers get a raw deal

    Country rags may be trash, but they’re our trash, writes Lane Sainty.

  • America undermines arms treaty

    America’s gun problem isn’t just domestic, writes Felix Donovan.

  • USU Election Inspection

    By the time you pick up this week’s Honi, it’s already election day. If you haven’t already voted, think about this before you fill in...