SRC 90th Anniversary
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The A-Z of Entertainment

Photo by Victor Kalka Shevvi Barrett-Brown reviews the latest SUDS play, Alphabetical Order.  Michael Frayn’s Alphabetical Order, directed by Tabitha Woo, invites its audience into the office of a small town library, home to an array of quirky, provincial characters and led by the enduring librarian Lucy (Imogen Hubber). The office is a mess, and…

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Ringing the Alarm Bells: SUDS’ Between Two Waves

Writer Ian Meadows wants us to know we’re all going to die. Between Two Waves, directed by Jack Ballhausen for SUDS, rings all the alarm bells, and in all the right ways. In this production, climate change and personal drama collide in a flurry of frustration and tension. Angela Colins and Kurt Dilweg A: Charlie Falkner…

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Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

(Eds note: This review contains brief, aesthetic criticism of a representation of self-harm.) Student theatre necessitates a degree of innovation. Tight budgets, a lack of resources and a limitation on available spaces creates a perfect breeding ground for invention. However, even when actors and directors are forced into back rooms, cafés, street corners, or Studio…