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Births, Deaths & Marriages – Semester 1, Week 3

Nerd alert It’s no secret that USyd has a bit of an image problem when it comes to privilege. It’s something University PR have been battling for years, and despite its high profile low-SES admission campaigns, it can’t hide the fact that students here come from a fairly narrow pool. Honi hears that, this year,…

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Keeping Grounded

“Blow blow me out I’m so sad I don’t know why. Blow blow me out I’m so sad I don’t know why…” Walking out from Cellar Theatre after this eighty minutes monodrama, Blur’s song started to hover in my heart and I was haunted by some vague sadness. Directed by Victor Kalka, Grounded invites its…

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J’Accuse Your Own Adventure

Photography by Luke Tisher Oliver Moore would make a terrible detective. The SUDS Summer season continues this week with J’Accuse, an interactive murder mystery loosely styled on Cluedo. I have always wanted to host my own murder mystery themed dinner party. Particularly those pre-set games where everyone is assigned a character and you act out the…

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A Show Called CatGun

Eden Faithfull reviews the latest high art to hit the Cellar Theatre. As an artistic pastiche rivalled only by the likes of Hannah Montana, SUDS’ CatGun has united a pair of opposing performances into something that becomes more than the sum of its parts: half-way musical tragedy, not entirely action-packed drama, CatGun serves up the best…