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What essay-gate is really about

Last week the Sydney Morning Herald uncovered academic misconduct at an an “industrial” level at prominent Australian universities. International students make for an easy scapegoat, but they’re not the ones to blame, writes Bibek Gurung.

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Editorial: Uni fails all sexual harassment victims

Earlier today, we published an article titled “Uni fails sexual harassment victim”. We posted a link to the piece on Facebook at 1 pm. Within 5 hours, the article had been viewed over 4,000 times. Within those same 5 hours, the University and other parties contacted the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) – the organisation that…

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The Hard Times

It’s a tough time for print media. With the rivers of gold long dried up, digital in a state of flux, and the news cycle more complex than ever, now out newspapers face the threat of further regulation. Nick Rowbotham looks to the future after Finkelstein.