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Discrimination lawsuit failing to lift hopes for accessible transport

With RailCorp facing a civil lawsuit over inconsistent audible announcements on services, Virat Nehru reports on the wider problem Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes’ action against RailCorp went before the court on Monday, over the rail authority consistently failing to provide audible announcements on trains. When Honi Soit went to print, the outcome of the…

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No half-measures in banning smoking, says tobacconist

James O’Doherty visits Sol Levy, tobacconist of choice for the university’s former Vice-Chancellor Sol Levy Tobacconist – James O’Doherty Evelyn Platus, manager and fourth generation proprietor at Sol Levy tobacconist on George St, thinks the smoking ban at Sydney University hasn’t gone far enough. At least, she thinks the administration should stick to its guns.…

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Yes, in my backyard: Sydney rebuilds its mojo

In a selfish city with significant infrastructure problems, NIMBYism has been a loud and at times influential force. But not everyone shares the cynicism toward development. Michael Koziol meets the residents and reformers urging on the transformation of Sydney.