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Top 5 reasons why K-pop is amazing and insane

5) The music The brilliant thing about K-pop is it doesn’t have to deal with all that Western musical baggage like “consistency,” “authenticity,” and “credibility.” They just do whatever they want with sound as long as it’s catchy as all hell. The trend at the moment is to cram the hooks from three different songs…

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Top 5 problems caused by women

5) Fall of Troy That bitch Helen caused a war. Wars are bad. The war led to the fall of Troy. Oh, and a couple of Hollywood productions with some pretty bad acting. 4) All problems in Australia Julia Gillard. Need I say more? She’s bad. Tony Abbott told us from the start, but we…

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Top 5 things inspired by astrology

5. Ronald Reagan’s day-to-day schedule Nancy Reagan, a Cancer (nup, I don’t like the connotations either), then first lady, was a big believer in astrology, and had a personal astrological advisor called Joan Quigley. After the assassination attempt on her husband in 1981, she became very influential in organising her husband’s schedule, perhaps more influential…

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Top 5 national anthems

You don’t normally hear national anthems outside of school assemblies, sporting events, and race riots. With an anthem like ours, it’s probably a good thing. That being said, there are some super badass national anthems out there that are worth a listen. 5. La Marseillaise – France The French aren’t particularly known for their military…

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Top 5 classic cheap student meals

5. Pasta   A much-loved classic, large-scale pasta cooking should by no means be limited to Norton Street abodes. Large amounts of spaghetti or fettuccine can be prepared with any sauce you desire, with remaining leftovers making for quick meals. (Really, though – pasta tastes just as good, if not better, when re-heated). The recently…

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Top 5 kitchen utensils

Modern society may have brought us many useless things (Cheez Ballz, Being Lara Bingle, Rebecca Black), but the wacky and wondrous kitchen gadgets infiltrating our cooking adventures are not some of them. Here are some of the best!