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Things You Don’t Need

If you’re suffering from OWFOMO (O-Week Fear of Missing Out), I’m here to inoculate you. As you may know, the price of ACCESS cards has decreased from Utterly Bankrupting to I Guess I Could Lease An Organ Out. The benefit of buying a new ACCESS card this year was that I got to pick up…

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How to Spend Two Hours on a Bus (Without Defrauding Anyone)

1. Read a book. Despite popular belief, studies have shown that the homo sapiens retain ALL of its literacy skills while sitting on public transport. 2. Listen to music. Two hours is a long time. Luckily, even the financially crippled in our society – such as, say the members of the board of a student…

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Editorial: Uni fails all sexual harassment victims

Earlier today, we published an article titled “Uni fails sexual harassment victim”. We posted a link to the piece on Facebook at 1 pm. Within 5 hours, the article had been viewed over 4,000 times. Within those same 5 hours, the University and other parties contacted the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) – the organisation that…