What will be the legacy of 2012? Leading article from the year’s final regular edition of Honi Soit.

What will be the legacy of 2012? Leading article from the year's final regular edition of Honi Soit.

There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale.

Such was the title of Bilbo Baggins’ memoirs that we know as The Hobbit.

Many similarities can be drawn between Mr Baggins and the events of the past twelve months. At the end of 2012, where have we come? Have we found ourselves where we started, but changed nonetheless?

As we near the end of 2012, we ask ourselves: what have we achieved? For many of us, not much has changed. Neglected assignments, unpaid library fines, and that textbook you always meant to read that still remains safely in its wrapping. But what have we learned?

And what will be the legacy of 2012? It’s a question no-one may answer themselves. For the nation and the globe, the legacy of 2012 remains to be seen.

Cuts were the discourse du jour; in health, education, and closer to home, at the University itself. But through the hard work of – more than – a few, sanity returned, and some academics escaped the axe.

While education took a beating, outrage was in vogue. Alan Jones clung like a barnacle to his controversial rock; Slipper fell; Bernadi self-destructed; Abbott played a card of matrimonial redemption; Gillard rose from the embers of oratorical mediocrity, and has received a bump in the opinion polls for her efforts.

All the while, we were told to watch our mouths – in public, in our jokes, even in private, where someone might overhear and take offence. Sensitivity is important, but so is freedom of speech.

Context is everything, and for those crying foul, remember: judge lest ye be judged.

But the more things change, the more things stay the same.

New regulations closed the campus gates for our SRC election campaigns in attempt to stem the herd of fly-in, fly-out campaigners of the major parties: but to no avail. Labor rules the roost again, and the machines march on.

Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence was re-appointed, to the dismay of many.

Honi Soit, too, will undergo another stage in its ongoing evolution. We wish the incoming editorial team well.

We made the paper our own, and you will to, as well you should.

We launched Honi into the 21st century. We took the paper online and made it interactive.

Indeed, Honi’s overlords are as litigious as ever. And that may never change.

So there and back again, indeed. Well may we find ourselves where we were last year, but indeed, it has surely changed us. And we hope it has changed you, for the better.

Next week we bring you a special edition of the paper, but for now, farewell.

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