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These chicks don’t even know the name of my band – Ocean Alley

Meet Ocean Alley, a psychedelic reggae band that came third in last year’s band competition.

Ocean Alley
Honi: Give us a little introduction of your band and who does what.
Ocean Alley: We are just simple folk, hailing from an underwater wonderland somewhere from another land. There’s Baden talking shit, Tom laying down the rhythms, Nic slapping the bass into submission, Angus tearing the ol’ 6 string, Mitch thinks he’s Hendrix and Lach hitting the black and whites.
Honi: What do you guys do outside of Ocean Alley?
OA: Outside ? We don’t head outside too much but when we do its cookers cookers cookers BONGS sleep.
Honi: How did you all come together and form the band?
OA: It started with all of us hanging out in a backyard shed smoking and drinking. Then we realized that we all play instruments… so we made a band. Cool huh?
Honi: You seem to channel a very psychedelic, chilled vibe to your shows.  Have you taken any influences from bands that you like?
OA: Yes, well we love bands such as Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and what not . Cool people seem to rock up here and there when we play.  It’s beautiful !
Honi: You came third in the USYD band comp last year and won $500.  How has this helped you?
OA: The band comp was a great experience and we grew from it, refining our sound and evolving the feel. It was great to compete with other bands from Sydney and see what else is happening. The money we won has gone towards our upcoming EP which we hope to release before the end of the year, there will be plenty of kinky reggae and mind blowing psychadelia for all you trippers out there.
Honi: What’s next for Ocean Alley?
OA: We are committing to gigs throughout the upcoming months around the Sydney region and well, the more the merrier. Show up and get skanky.
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