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SUDS attempt to set a world record

By performing in a 100 hour improvised play, says Felicity Nelson

GWR-logoNext week the Cellar Theatre will be occupied by a group of ambitious, presumably mad thespians aiming to set a world record with the longest improvised play to date. They will be working night and day on 7-hour rotation to tell an entirely original and spontaneous story that begins in a post-apocalyptic bunker and ends God-knows-where.

The director, Sam Jenkins, describes his cast as “super-fucking-talented”. He and some of the more insane cast members, intend to sleep, eat and shower in the theatre for the full 100 hours.

Rules stipulate that there must be a minimum of two people on stage at one time and that all food must be used as a prop at some point during the production. Audience contributions will inspire each hour of performance and guest comedians including James Colley, Michael Hing and Carlo Ritchie will take the stage each evening.

So, if you can’t get enough comedy or simply want to watch a cast of twenty loose their minds this show might be for you.

Single entry (SUDS/Access/General): $2/3/5  Unlimited entry: $5/8/9