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Consistency is all I ask!

A letter from Lucy Watson.

Dear Honi,

In 2012, the USU Board censured Tom Raue for publicly criticising Interfaith Week and LifeChoice. The former event was dissed on a Facebook thread, in a comment from Raue’s personal account.

This week, a current board director called LifeChoice, the same society Raue criticised, “pro-life propaganda” and repeatedly criticised a new initiative partly funded by the USU because of its alienation of some of the USU member base. Raue essentially did the same about Interfaith week, labelling it a “slap in the face to secularism”.

Does anyone else see the similarities here?

I am definitely not arguing that this current board director be censured. I think the comments (as Raue’s were) were made from a personal position, in a forum that does little to affect the USU as an organisation. I am merely pointing out the ridiculousness of Raue’s current situation, where he faces being removed from Board as a result of a second censuring, the first of which was tantamount to him having a whinge on Facebook.

The USU started this ridiculous trend with Raue’s censuring in 2012. If they want to maintain any sense of uniform standard, this director must be censured. If they want to retain any shred of credibility as a student organisation, they won’t censure this director for having an opinion, and they won’t fire Raue for sharing his.

Lucy Watson
Arts (MECO) VI