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Looking good despite the whining

A letter from Chaneg Torres.

Dear Honi,

Having seen the poor folks from the Socialist Alternative manning their stall week in and week out and having seen the pitiful turnout for the so called Day of Action protests against the Abbott Government, I cannot help but engage in some Schadenfreude.

Unfortunately for our SA friends, no petition can change the fact that the Australian people had their say at the ballot box. Unfortunately for our friends on the broad left, rebels without a cause so desperate to be heard so desperate to look for anything to protest about, nothing can change the fact that for the next few years, and perhaps the next decade, we have a Liberal Government led by a conservative man of principle; Tony Abbott.

And while if you listened to them it would seem that the sky was falling in, nothing could be further from the truth. But mainstream students know this. And because of the Abbott Government, all students, even those who proudly wear F*** Tony Abbott t-shirts, will live in an better Australia with sound fiscal management, greater prosperity, lower taxes and regulation and more freedom to spew forth the typical bile that the far left spews.

Those who doubt this should look at the latest achievements of the Abbott Government. Their fearless defence of free speech with their moving to repeal the draconian Section 18 C in the Racial Discrimination Act. Their championing of business and families through the repeal of thousands of pages of stifling regulation. Their respect for the taxpayer through the refusal to prop up inefficient, rent seeking industries. Their standing up for the workers of this country by tackling entrenched union corruption through the establishment of a Royal Commission. And their pride in our heritage with the reinstatement of Knighthoods and Damehoods.

The future is bright for our nation. And no amount of petitions or protests caused by faux outrage can change the optimism that mainstream Australians feel.

Chaneg Torres


President, University of Sydney Conservative Club.

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