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Much Wow Very Border Sovereign

Bernadette Anvia is much wow very writer.

Image: Bernadette Anvia.
Image: Bernadette Anvia.
Image: Bernadette Anvia.

The Abbott government has today announced the launch of a new national media campaign to promote its asylum seeker policy, “Operation Sovereign Borders.”

At the official launch party held earlier today, Prime Minister Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison unveiled a series of posters greatly influenced by 2013 internet meme superstar, Doge. The posters, which feature the same discourse employed by Doge memes and the same comic sans text, will be rolled out next week and will feature in various bus stops, train stations and public billboards around the nation.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison stated at the launch that “we’re confident that the universal appeal of the doge meme will carry through to ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’, and that we’ll see our approval ratings sky rocket!”

Prime Minister Abbott was also prolific in his praise of the posters, stating that he was a “big fan” of the “simple statements like ‘bad boat people’ and ‘many stop boats,’” adding that he was “particularly proud” of his own “creative addition” to the poster, the statement “no no no”.

Summing up his thoughts on the matter, Prime Minister Abbott delightedly exclaimed: “Many happiness! Very wow! So me! Much Sovereign Borders!”