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The Manning Files – Week 6, Semester 1, 2014

The Manning Files, Week 6, Semester 1.

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In the first week of May, idealists from all corners of campus will take to Eastern Avenue in an attempt to win votes in the country’s greatest democratic contest. Once they have been elected to the hallowed halls of student government, they will sacrifice two years of their lives in pursuit of cheaper beer and more froyo.

We’ll be hauling skeletons from closets in the coming weeks, but for now we’ll just introduce you to this year’s candidates.

There appear to be three candidates running this year who are associated with Indie “faction”, which has been in recent years the most successful political group on campus when it comes to the Union Board. Current President Hannah Morris is an Indie, as well as three of the six Directors elected last year.

Olivia Ronan is one of the Indie candidates in the race.* Her campaign will be managed by Tim Matthews, a current Board Director who has his eyes on the top job, as well as Nicola Borton and Michael Rees.** A second name in the Indie mix is Jethro Cohen, who though he says he is “not 100% decided” on whether he is running, Honi 100% expects him to do so. Cameron Caccamo will likely complete the field of Indie candidates.

From the left, Ed McMahon will be running and will be supported by Grassroots. NLS (little Labor Left) will be running Kate Bullen, managed by Board Director Eve Radunz and Amy Knox. Liam Carrigan, an NLS-Indie mystery,
is undecided.

The right will be represented by Callum Forbes.

The unknown elements in this year’s race are Unity (Labor Right) and SLS (slightly bigger Labor Left). We’ve got one certainty: Alisha Aitken-Radburn will be Unity’s (Labor Right) primary candidate, and her campaign will be managed by current SRC President Jen Light and USU presidential-hopeful Robby Magyar.

From there on, we can only speculate about what they will do come May. These factions joined together to win last year’s SRC election. Unlike 2013, we suspect that SLS will not field a candidate, but instead support Alisha and another Unity player to be named later. Magyar’s presidential ambitions will lead Unity to run another candidate alongside Alisha.

SLS have very little interest in the Union Board, and no obvious candidate. Their political desires lie in the corridors of the SRC instead, and they will seek to trade their support for Unity in May for Unity’s backing come the SRC elections in September (Eds note: learn the smooth contours of James Leeder’s face now, because you will not be able to walk down Eastern Avenue without seeing it in September). Look out for signatures on paper before too long.

* Olivia managed SEX for Honi’s campaign last year and as a result, Honi will be asking a reporter who hasn’t been drunk with her to interview and profile her.

** Editors Michael Rees and Georgia Kriz are both involved in Olivia Ronan’s campaign and therefore will be conflicted off all discussions and reporting of the Union Board elections.


One theory as to why Morris submitted recommendations to the Senate, to reappoint in-limbo Board Directors Emma MacDonald and Simone Whetton, concerns her continued attempt to sack USU President of Vice, Tom Raue.

Above, we have outlined the facts surrounding Morris’ concealment of information. Below, we speculate as to why this could have occurred.

The recommendation to re-appoint MacDonald and Whetton was circulated via email among the Senate on Thursday, 3 April. Confirmation of their reappointment was expected to occur by Monday, 7 April.

On the same Thursday, it is alleged that Morris consulted with other Directors on their availability to attend a meeting on Tuesday, 15 April to determine the motion that would expel Raue from Board.

The Constitution of the USU requires at least 4 full-working days “due notice” to call a meeting to entertain a special resolution.

This means that an announcement on Tuesday, 7 April – one day after the confirmed reappointment of Senate-appointed Directors – would provide due notice for a meeting to be held on Tuesday, 15 April.

And she would’ve gotten away it with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.