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Clarification on Callum’s interview

A letter from Lucy Watson.

Hi Honi,

When watching your interviews with the Union Board candidates for this year, I noticed that Callum Forbes was asked to address allegations, made by me, that he lost $800 in potential funding for SHADES. Callum could not recall the specific event that I was referring to. I wish to clarify my position publicly so that I am not accused of muckraking.

Callum, as treasurer of SHADES, failed to submit post event forms for O Week, our O Week drinks event held at Manning Bar, and our picnic in week 1. My tentative (if a little conservative) figures have placed this at approximately $800 of potential funding: $350 from O Week, $150 from our O Week event, and $300 from our picnic. We are very lucky to be in a financially stable position, and even with this loss, we have still managed to grow the society’s finances in the term of the 2013/14 executive. However, this loss is still substantial, and unacceptable, which is why I saw fit to raise it when Honi asked me to comment on Callum’s performance as treasurer.

It is worth noting that every post event form since these initial few have either been completed by myself, or by Callum after several reminders from me. It is also important to note that, to his credit, Callum completed our audit on time for C&S.

By the time of print, Callum should have addressed my concerns in his treasurer’s report at the SHADES AGM, held on Monday night.


Lucy Watson

[former] SHADES President