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A word from Caccamo

A letter from Cameron Caccamo.

Dear Honi,

Thank you for your diligent reporting of the post-election complaint process between myself and Liam Carrigan. As I made clear to the Returning Officer, it would have been better for the RO to have made their decision and for Honi to publish the whole story, rather than piecemeal reporting that only added to the stress Liam and I were feeling. For everyone else’s knowledge; I did not leak anything to Honi Soit, and in fact am rather disappointed it was put in Honi that early.

The response I’ve received is a mixture of disappointment and confusion. Why complain at all? Why against Liam? Essentially, this is what happened: with evidence in hand that Carrigan may have broken the electoral regulations, bringing his fair election into question, I decided to appeal to the RO with that evidence. Liam responded to this, and the RO decided, based on his response, that he had not broken any rules. That’s about it. I had every right to complain about what I saw as potential regulation breaches – a right others used almost excessively against other candidates. I had every right to ensure that those that were elected did so by the rules.

The only other contentious part of the story is Robby Magyar’s involvement. Let me make this clear: this was not a case of Magyar helping me kick off Liam for his own sake. He simply had a laptop on him when I needed the exact wording of regulations and I transposed these into a document. He did not partake in the writing of the complaint, and did not try to persuade me into submitting it. He was only involved because he was around, and he was one of the few Board Directors I knew I could trust at the time. He should not have been dragged into this process at all. If anything, he did what any director should do in such a situation, provide advice to a member.

I have since apologised to Liam for the complaint and the accusations within, as he was just as affected by the accusations of cheating as I was of being petty and trying to kick him off. Neither propositions were true, and I hope Liam and his campaigners have moved on knowing his campaign was honest – and I hope others realise that I was not maliciously pursuing Liam, but instead ensuring that every candidate was elected fairly.

I hope this sets the record straight.

Cameron Caccamo, Arts IV