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Joe Hockey Revealed To Be Sports Game All Along

Patrick Morrow is a day of the week.

In a Liberal Party press conference this morning, it was revealed that Joe Hockey, long credited as the treasurer of Australia is, in fact, a sports game.

The decision to make a statement came in response to increasing public speculation that Joe Hockey sounds a lot like a sports game.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten this afternoon stated that the revelation “made a lot of sense.”

Reflecting on the implications, Shorten continued “yeah, when you think about it, it’s kind of obvious. I think I’ve even played games of Joe Hockey in the past. The name’s familiar even if you’ve never set foot in a party room – ‘Joe Hockey’ – you know?”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott came to the defence of the Coalition’s appointment of the sports game to one of the most powerful offices in the country, stating “the sports game truly was the best candidate for the job.”

Mr Hockey was not available for comment as he is a sport.