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The Manning Files – Week 3, Semester 2

All the go$$ leading into the SRC elections, plus a USyd error and some exclusive USU numbers.


Roll up, roll up – the SRC elections will be happening next month at Sydney University. Hacks have been busily plotting their paths to world domination, and in this week’s Manning Files we bring you all the goss they grudgingly confirmed, denied or denied to confirm.

(If you’re not familiar with student elections, we suggest you read our campus dictionary before attempting to decipher the endless paragraphs of hack-speak to follow.)

The two major candidates for SRC President will be SRC Indigenous Officer Kyol Blakeney and NSW NUS Women’s Officer Amy Knox.

Blakeney, a member of left-wing group Grassroots, will be supported by a ‘broad coalition’ of campus factions. From Grassroots, Board Directors Bebe D’Souza and Ed McMahon will be playing a large role in negotiations, along with SRC Vice President Laura Webster and Welfare Officer Brendan Wylie. Other factions in the coalition supporting Blakeney are the Indies (including USU President Tara Waniganayaka
and Board Director Liam Carrigan), a collection of SRC office bearers who recently defected from Labor Left faction Sydney Labor Students (including SRC General Secretary James Leeder), and socialist faction Solidarity. It is expected that Blakeney’s campaign colour will be green.

Knox, a member of Labor Left faction National Labor Students (NLS) will be co-managed by current NUS NSW State President Hannah Smith and NLS member Chloe Smith. After a successful bid for the presidency last year, Unity (Labor Right) has returned to their usual position of backing NLS for the SRC presidency and will be supporting Knox. Knox will also be backed by the remaining members of SLS and Socialist Alternative (SAlt). It is believed these groups have joined together in an attempt to secure the presidency for NLS, the General Secretary position for Unity and the two Education Officer positions for SAlt.

However, SAlt were cagey when we questioned them about their motivations in the SRC elections. Current Education Officer Eleanor Morley refused to tell us who was heading their negotiations, saying that she “shouldn’t have to tell us anything” because she dislikes our paper immensely. However, Morley did graciously confirm SAlt would be wearing purple shirts in the election.

And as for Honi Soit – well, there’s two tickets currently shaping up to contest the Honi election. The first is being headed by SUDS member and Honi reporter Peter Walsh and Honi reporter and FilmSoc executive Dominic Ellis. It also includes Alexi Polden, Alexandra Downie and Lisa Xia. This ticket will be managed by Liv Ronan, current Board Director and the manager of last year’s winning Honi ticket.

The second ticket is headed by BULL editor and Honi reporter Eden Caceda, BULL editor Katie Davern and Hermes editor Whitney Duan.

Although an SRC regulation change earlier this year prohibited Honi tickets from swapping preferences with SRC tickets, it is likely that the Honi tickets will informally pair up with SRC campaigns over the coming weeks. Both Honi tickets said they were yet to deal with factions, however, it is likely that the Walsh/Ellis ticket will pair with Blakeney’s presidential campaign.

All coverage of the 2014 SRC Elections will be researched and written by Astha Rajvanshi, Lane Sainty and Georgia Behrens. Neither Astha, Lane nor Georgia are involved in any SRC campaign, campus faction or political party. 


Sydney University accidentally transfers $500,000 into a deregistered, inactive USU society bank account.

(At the time of print, we’re waiting for more information from the University. Check for more on this through the week.)


City2Surf results:

Board Director Alisha Aitken-Radburn – 1:42:29

Board Director Kade Denton – 1:40:57

Immediate Past President Hannah Morris – 1:40:57

Board Director Eve Radunz – 1:50:13

Board Director Kate Bullen – 2:10:42

Incubate Co-founder James Alexander – 3:12:58