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How to write a news article about a trans person

Gabriel Hanrahan-Lawrence has some helpful advice.

1. The first paragraph should be about a DMAB child you have met, who likes princess dresses and doll houses. Try to express how this child is, at first glance, just “normal girl”. Then, assert how abnormal this child actually is, just because they are trans. Give out the child’s birth name, state how she “is actually a boy”. Invalidate and other her gender identity. If possible, never use her preferred pronouns.

2. Talk to the child’s parents. Allow them to voice their ridiculous fears, how it felt like they had lost a child, how the father misses having a son to play sport and talk about cars with, amongst other stereotypical male pursuits.

3. Under no circumstances allow the child to talk about their experiences with their family and friends. Preferably, choose a child who is too young to talk about these issues.

4. Speculate on who this child will be attracted to in the future, even though this is irrelevant to the story.

5. Mention the child’s genitals, regardless of how invasive and creepy this is. Allow a medical professional to describe Sexual Affirmation Surgery, even though the child is too young to make this decision and may never want to undergo this surgery.

6. Talk to a few older, well-off, white trans people. Use the phrases “born in the wrong body”, “sex is between your legs, gender is between your ears” and “he used to be a man”. Reassure your readers that trans people are completely, 100% normal. Never mention non-binary people, or trans people who aren’t heterosexual. Do not allow anyone to critique gender constructs at all. That is too drastic and may scare someone.

7. End on an uplifting note about how you hope that this normal girl can live a normal girl life, and be accepted by other normal girls into their normal girl cliques, in a perfect picture of white, cisgender, heterosexual normality.