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#usydtownhall in tweets

Lane Sainty curates a collection of the night’s finest.

The meeting begins. Several people make the error of recommending @honi_soit for “legitimate political commentary”. 2 1 Michael Spence gives an impressive PowerPoint presentation. 3     Meeting inexplicably descends into a shouting match between radio host Adam Spencer and Education Officer Eleanor Morley.   4     Spence makes a greivous error.   5     15 minutes in and students already thinking with their stomachs.   6     A lone voice pipes up in support of Spence…   7     While another lurks in the audience.   8   Mon Droit puts quotation marks around the word ‘sex’ as though it is not a real word. 9     Patrick Massarani takes a photo of the back of Michael Soence’s head.   10     PhD student Jun Tong goes totally rogue.   11   #usydtownhall hashtag becomes so popular that people start sharing Fairfax Media news stories on it.   12     Nina Khoury advocates for SUSF to receive more money, entire room is too bewildered to heckle.   13 14 15 16     Jung Tong remains in his alternative universe.   17     Todd Pinkerton gives credit where it’s due.   18   Former Honi Soit editor Max Chalmers on the REAL Barry Catchlove.   19     Yes his name is made of the two words ‘catch’ and ‘love’. It is very funny.   20   We don’t know, Clo. We don’t know. 21   CAN PPL JUST BE A BIT MORE CLEAR PLS SO I KNOW WHETHER TO HECKLE OR NOT.   22     BREAKING: Students confirmed to be “not people”.   23 A USyd academic takes to Twitter with a scintillating explanation for her absence.24 #priorities25 As usual, everybody came away thinking the same thing.26