What I like about the word queer

Thoughts from a bisexual woman.

Image: Lane Sainty.
  1. “I’m queer” is a full sentence. I don’t need to explain anything more.
  2. People don’t question how sure you are when you come out as “queer”. If I come out as “bisexual” I will inevitably be asked if I know for sure, or is it just a phase.
  3. It sounds more interesting. People use the phrase “how queer” meaning something intriguing, I quite like the connotations of that, I want to be intriguing.
  4. It humanizes me. If I come out as bisexual, or really if anyone comes out as anything ending in “sexual” the questions always seem to be about sex. When I say I’m queer, people ask about relationships or what being queer means to me as an individual. Sure, this may be a way for them to categorize me, but it’s better than “oh, how do you have sex?”
  5. “Queer community” just has a way better ring to it than “LGBTQIA community” or the dreaded “gay community”.
  6. Inclusivity! Lots of people can be queer, it’s much easier to self-identify as queer than with the alphabet soup, particularly if you’re questioning a part (or parts) of your identity.
  7. It’s our word. Queer is a word that is in the process of being reclaimed, so it’s our word to redefine and use how we want.
  8. So many ways to use: queer community; queer people; the queers (which you should only use if you are queer); queering something.
  9. Your queer identity can cover a lot more of your personality than your sexual or gender identity.