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Police Called as Unity and SLS attempt to leave #RepsElect Inquorate

Peter Walsh reports on the end times. Additional reporting by Tom Joyner, Subeta Vimalarajah, Sam Langford, Michael Rees, Rafi Alam, Sam Langford, Naaman Zhou.

Not A Very Happy Birthday For Robby Magyar

EDIT: The final story, including all the results and all the shenanigans can be seen here.

Tonight’s SRC meeting is an ongoing drama, which has already seen police and campus security called, as well as the fuse for the lights being tripped—apparently deliberately—leaving the board room in darkness. It began as Unity and SLS councilors departed at the beginning of tonight’s Reps Elect in an attempt to leave the meeting inquorate. At time of publishing, quorum had been reached and councilors are only waiting on the lights to come back on to commence.

Before the meeting even began, a quorum count was called by Oliver Plunkett (SLS) and SLS and Unity councilors left. Subsequently, the meeting was held over for half an hour, with enraged councilors returning to dispute the decision, claiming the meeting must lapse to a future day. However, the SRC standing legal concluded that Blakeney’s actions in allowing the meeting to be delayed and not lapsed were in line with the constitution.

Members of Grassroots, NLS, and SAlt were outraged at SLS and Unity’s departure. “This is the most disgusting, anti-democratic thing I have ever seen”, said Liam Carrigan (Grassroots). The sentiment was shared by SAlt’s Ellie Morley, who continued “Highly undemocratic for Unity and SLS when they don’t get the positions they want”.

Police arrived around 6:40, claiming a number of calls had been made, despite “not being quite sure what was going on”. Subsequently, university security arrived, claiming someone had “reported a brawl”.

None of the organisers involved with the departing Labor factions would comment, with Oliver Plunkett (SLS) going as far as saying he didn’t want his name attached to this story. Michael Elliott (Unity) would also not offer comment, but mostly because his phone had been lost (it was later found in the bin).

As of 7:50pm, the lights have all gone out—due to a possible blackout. It was later confirmed that the fuse for the light circut had been flipped, apparently deliberately, as a means of delaying or cancelling the meeting.

This is all likely to boil over to this year’s NUS Natcon, which one source—aka Me—has described as “the greatest opportunity for institutionalized bullying since single-sex private school”.

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More to come.

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