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Anti-college graffiti found at St Andrew’s overnight

This likely comes in response to new allegations of racism and sexism.

Anti-college graffiti has appeared on the walls of St. Andrew’s College overnight, likely in response to the new allegations of hazing, sexism and white nationalist sentiment Honi revealed two days ago. 

“End rape on campus” and “Nothing has changed” were spray painted on various locations on the external walls of the college, including at the entrances on Carillon and Western Avenues. 

Photo: Honi Soit

“Enter the halls of misogyny” was spray painted at the entrance on Western Avenue, in an apparent reference to the same phrase graffitied at St. Andrew’s by feminist activists in 1993. 

This photo was sent to Honi by an anonymous source.

In addition to the graffiti, posters were pasted around the St Andrew’s campus that featured the same phrase overlaid on an image of the College in flames. The posters also read ‘The Broderick Review changed nothing’ and ‘Burn St. Andrew’s’. 

Photo: Honi Soit

Though there is no indication as to who is responsible for the graffiti, similar graffiti appeared on campus on multiple occasions in 2018.

At the time of publication, St Andrew’s was in the process of removing the graffiti from its entrance on Carillon Avenue with a high-pressure hose.

More to come.

UPDATE: End Rape on Campus Australia has sent Honi the following statement.

End Rape on Campus Australia has been made aware that St Andrew’s College at the University of Sydney was targetted with graffiti overnight.

While we understand the anger and distress caused by recent revelations of continuing harmful behaviours taking place at the College, EROC Australia wishes to clarify that we had no knowledge or involvement with this graffiti. 

Further, we are concerned that the use of our name in the graffiti may make it difficult for survivors within St Andrew’s to contact our organisation for support. 

We wish to clarify that EROC Australia has never participated in, or been involved in any form of vandalism, and that the support offered by our organisation is for all student survivors including college residents.