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USU appoints PULP Magazine Senior Editor

Marlow Hurst has snapped up the post following a months-long selection process.

The University of Sydney Union (USU) has announced Marlow Hurst as the incoming PULP Senior Editor, commencing immediately. 

He will be joined by six other editors to comprise an editorial team of seven to lead PULP Magazine, a semi-quarterly glossy student publication that marks a throwback to its predecessor — BULL Magazine, prior to 2016. 

Hurst edited Honi Soit last year alongside BLOOM for Honi. He also acted as SUDS Archivist and a Co-President of the new Cartoon Caption Contest Club.

Responding to his appointment, Hurst highlighted his editorial and writing experience across several campus publications, including PULP Magazine’s former online-only format. He further emphasised his appreciation of more varied writing styles compared to Honi’s “paragraph-by-paragraph structure”, including “a passion for the ever-accessible listicle format.” 

“From the beginning of my time at university, my first love and foremost love has been student media. It occupies such a unique position in campus culture, acting as a written record of university life,” he said.

“It’s my hope that PULP Magazine can carry on this centuries-old tradition and do its bit to make campus alive with the thoughts, words, and art of its students.”

PULP will concentrate on producing culture-heavy content focusing on creative articles, pop culture and promoting student life. In December 2021, USU President Prudence Wilkins-Wheat compared the revamped PULP to the New Yorker, with Honi closer to the New York Times.

PULP has undergone several transformations in the past decade, from a monthly glossy magazine under BULL to an online-only publication after 2016, citing the underwhelming readership associated with its print counterpart.  

The rest of the editorial team is expected to be announced in the near future.

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