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BREAKING: RIP! ZIP! for Honi withdraws from race, SHAKE for Honi provisionally elected

This is the second time in recent times (and possibly in history) that an Honi ticket was elected without contest, marking a concerning shift in the state of student elections at USyd.

The mysterious ZIP! for Honi ticket has officially withdrawn their nomination from the race to edit Honi Soit, leaving SHAKE for Honi as the winner without election.

SHAKE for Honi consists of ten members: Andy Park (Switch), Bipasha Chakraborty, Christine Lai (SAlt-adjacent), Ethan Floyd, Eamonn Murphy (Switch), Veronica Lenard, Misbah Ansari (Grassroots-aligned), Luke Cass, Luke Mesterovic (Unity) and Katarina Butler (SLS).

Although the identity of ZIP! for Honi was never revealed, it is highly suspected they were either a joke ticket cooked up by former editors and stupol hacks, or independently-aligned individuals with minimal experience writing for Honi.

This marks the second time that the Presidential and Honi Soit elections have been uncontested since 2020 when Swapnik Sanagavarapu and Bloom  for Honi were elected uncontested.

In stark contrast to this year, 2021’s SRC Elections marked the largest ever election in the organisation’s history, with a record 6442 votes cast. This indicates a student politics atmosphere that is experiencing a dip in participation due to a number of factors, including pre-negotiated arrangements, factional exhaustion and declining interest in stupol machinations. 

Online campaigning commences on Wednesday 7 September whereas in-person campaigning will begin on 12 September.

Voting in the SRC Elections runs from 20 – 22 September through in-person ballots with the option of absentee ballots. 

Disclaimer: Zara Zadro is a current member of Switch and will not be involved in coverage of the 2022 SRC, NUS, and Honi Soit elections.

Update: An amendment was made with regards to Misbah Ansari and Luke Cass’ factional affiliation. Ansari is Grassroots-aligned and Cass is now updated as non-affiliated.