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Naz Sharifi elected as USU President: USU Executive Elections

Despite rumours of contestation between Madhullikaa Singh and Ben Hines for presidency, they seem to have landed at the middle ground of electing Naz Sharifi.

In executive elections on Thursday, Naz Sharifi (Independent) was elected President, Madhullikaa Singh (formerly Switch) elected as Vice President, Nicholas Dower (Liberals) elected as Honorary Treasurer, and Onor Nottle (Switch) elected as Honorary Secretary.

The executive elections passed without contestation, likely a result of negotiations rumoured to have continued into the previous night. Despite rumours of contestation between Madhullikaa Singh and Ben Hines for presidency, they seem to have landed at the middle ground of electing Naz Sharifi. Hines could reemerge as a presidential candidate next year, or return to his previous position as Honorary Treasurer — only time will tell.

Positions for Directors of Student Publications were similarly uncontested, with an even left-right split across the two positions. For the finance committee, Honorary Treasurer Nick Dower nominated Bryson Constable who was elected unopposed. The speech was uninspiring.

Elections for the People and Culture Committee provided the first ballot of the night. Julia Lim and Grace Wallman ran for the position. Lim noted her previous work as a Student Activities Officer (SAO), while Wallman focused on the wellbeing of staff as a key priority should she be elected. Following some ballot-related hiccups, Lim was elected to the position.

Grace Porter was elected to the Electoral Committee, noting a specific concern for the mental wellbeing of candidates. Sargun Saluja was then elected as the Awards Director uncontested.

Lim and Wallman went head to head for a second time over the Clubs and Societies Committee. Lim again noted her work as a SAO, whereas Wallman spoke about her experience as inaugural SULS Disabilities Officer. Lim was elected to the position.

Porter and Constable were both nominated for the Governance Committee. Porter spoke to the importance of implementing governance changes smoothly, and her position as “a fresh set of eyes but also experienced.” Constable gave a brief speech, noting that he believes in “taking a wide net in terms of how governance frameworks are formulated.” Porter triumphed over Constable.

Bryson Constable and Grace Wallman were both nominated for the Debates Committee. Constable kicked off the speeches, saying that he “understands the culture of debating.” Wallman then spoke to the immense experience she has as a debater with the USU, particularly as “the only candidate who has competed in majors for the USU.” Wallman was successful in her election to the Debates Committee.

Portfolio elections passed uncontested, with Grace Porter holding the Women’s Portfolio, Alexander Poirier as Queer Portfolio holder for a second year, Sargun Saluja holding Environment Portfolio and International Student Portfolio, Julia Lim in the Ethnocultural Portfolio, and Grace Wallman in the Disabilities Portfolio.

USU Committee Positions 

Directors of Student Publications: Sargun Saluja (National Labor Students/Labor Left) and Benjamin Hines (Independent, formerly Liberal).

Finance Committee: Bryson Constable (Liberal)

People & Culture Committee: Julia Lim (Independent)

Electoral Committee: Grace Porter (Student Unity/Labor Right)

Awards Director: Sargun Saluja

Clubs & Societies Committee: Julia Lim

Governance Committee: Grace Porter

Debates Committee: Grace Wallman (Switch)

Portfolio Positions

Women’s Portfolio: Grace Porter

Queer Portfolio: Alexander Poirier (Student Unity/Labor Right)

Environmental Portfolio: Sargun Saluja

Ethnocultural Portfolio: Julia Lim

International Students Portfolio: Sargun Saluja

Disabilities Portfolio: Grace Wallman