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Boy and Bear concert cancelled after bear mauls boy

Fans of Australian indie group Boy and Bear were left devastated this week after the band’s management were forced to announce the cancellation of the group’s latest national tour. Sources have indicated the move was taken in response to an incident at this year’s Falls Festival where a young boy’s spleen was reported missing following…

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Abbott not really an asshole

It was with utter elation and raw unfiltered emotion that Tony Abbott was presented with the news of Labor’s turnaround in asylum seeker policy under Prime Minister Rudd this week.

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THE SOIN: Gillard Cures Cancer in Spare Time, Approval Rating Plummets

Federal Labor reached a new low in the polls this week with the unmarried, female, atheist, red-haired immigrant Prime Minister’s approval rating dropping almost 10 percentage points after it was announced she had successfully developed a cure for cancer. Pundits have suggested this slump is most likely a result of the highly successful scare campaign…

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Jack of all trades: Dan Schreiber

Honi Soit this week hunts down an Aussie expat that has worked with Jimmy Carr, on QI, has recorded with Paul McCartney and was once invited to meet the Queen. Reporter Cameron Smith took up the task of finding out just what the hell is in this man’s coffee. If I asked you to describe…