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Education and Social Work revue: Waiting for Gonski (Georgia Behrens)

There were a number of genuinely funny moments in this year’s Education Revue, Waiting for Gonski: Lachlan Burn’s pseudo-Marxist-feminist-anarchist reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Zara Stanton’s ukulele rendition of ‘The Bare Necessities’; and a chorus of plastic-aproned tuckshop ladies breaking down to Ke$ha’s noughties nightclub classic, ‘TiK ToK’. But, unfortunately, it seems that this…

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The goal is coal

Cash-strapped Australian universities have begun turning to mining companies for financial support, with shrinking government funding inadequate in covering their operating costs.

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Droning on about animal welfare

An animal welfare group’s use of surveillance drones is set to pose an unprecedented challenge to Australian trespass and privacy laws. Rights group Animal Liberation has recently announced that it will use an airborne surveillance drone to monitor farmers’ treatment of their livestock. Executive director Mark Pearson told the ABC that drones will facilitate the…