Disruption - 10th Annual Honi Soit Writing Competition
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Bill Shorten Begins Counting Numbers Against Bill Shorten

Labor leader and numbers man Bill Shorten is reportedly telling nervous MPs this week that the party should dump Bill Shorten from the top job, lest the federal Labor Party face a crushing defeat on election day, the likes of which they haven’t seen in weeks.

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Bill Posters finally prosecuted

After a decades-long search, the writing’s finally on the wall for infamous fugitive Bill Posters, who faced trial earlier this week at a Sydney local court. Posters originally denied all charges but was nailed to the wall by an extensive paper trail. “The Crown Prosecutor just cut him to shreds” reported one court observer, “Bill…

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Parliamentarians to undergo compulsory ethics training in Canary Islands

In an effort to stamp out widespread abuse of taxpayer funds, the Parliamentary Standards Committee is requiring all MPs and Senators to attend a conference on the ethical declaration of personal expenses. The conference will be held in Canberra in November, with all attendees flying via the Canary Islands and staying there for over a…