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Photo File, a new poem by Clive James

Photo File The photographs in the manila folder Are all of me when I was strong and bolder, But now I’m old, and illness makes me older, And winter’s coming and the nights grow colder. This photograph is me when I was swimming At Inverell and sent the pebbles skimming Across the river. Now my eyes…

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Reserve Life

Just outside Walgett is Gindie reserve. In the dry heat of Thursday afternoon we were able to speak with local Elders and find someone to take us there. Anne Dennis, a Councillor of the New South Wales Aboriginal Lands Council, crammed four students into the back of her car and crossed the bridge of the Barwon River towards the reserve.

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Freedom Ride Redux: Driving With Lyall

Lyall Dennnison was born in Moree and lived there until he moved to Sydney at the age of 21 to work for the State Premier. At the evening concert in Moree, he approached students from the Freedom Ride and offered to show us around. After taking one carload around, Samantha Jonscher was lucky enough to get a spot in his second tour.

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Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

(Eds note: This review contains brief, aesthetic criticism of a representation of self-harm.) Student theatre necessitates a degree of innovation. Tight budgets, a lack of resources and a limitation on available spaces creates a perfect breeding ground for invention. However, even when actors and directors are forced into back rooms, cafés, street corners, or Studio…