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The ‘END OF’ Era

It is difficult to understand oneself without there being an environment to contextualise that life, and it is more difficult to understand environmental decay in a world that lacks artistic continuity.

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Letters between Palestine and the West

I encourage you to dig deep within yourself and ask why you seem so uncomfortable with Palestinian right to armed resistance. Is it because we’re Arab? In a post-9/11 world, you should critically examine and dismantle some of the biases and phobias that the media has fed you.

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Little healths

The room is still. I want him to make a quip: to break the silence that began in peace and now festers between us. He begins to play a study that I do not know.

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still we bleed.

From menstrual products to leave, USyd’s menstrual support system is weak and barely visible. This is not just an issue for those who menstruate.