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For sale: unstapled Honi, never read

Dear Honi, I’m writing to drum up interest in eBay listing #281758345027, a rare unstapled edition of Honi Soit Week 13 2015. Due to an inexplicable metal-related problem, this edition was released UNSTAPLED. The editors were quick to retract and staple all copies on stands, thus securing the rarity of this piece. Featuring ‘Vivid is…

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Students from Stand with Raue respond to the USU President

President Tara Waniganayaka recently sent an email to the USU membership outlining reasons why the Board plan to pursue Tom Raue for legal costs. Here, students from Stand with Raue respond to these claims, and ask the newly elected Board Directors to challenge the Raue decision. A copy of President Waniganayaka’s email can be read here.  A…

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A letter in response to Alisha Aitken-Radburn’s failure to deliver on promises

In the past, complaints have been made regarding Alisha Aitken-Radburn’s misappropriation of African-American culture by using “Lasqueesha” as a nickname on her ACCESS Card for the University of Sydney Union (USU), and subsequently for using “SWAG” as the name for an Honi Soit ticket she was involved in orchestrating. Historically, Black Vernacular (AAVE or Ebonics)…

Tom Raue's head on a dead horse
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Students Speak Out in Response to Motions against D’Souza and Raue

UPDATE: The board has voted to pursue costs against Tom Raue. More information here. The following letters were received in response to two motions proposed for Friday’s Union Board meeting. One motion proposes to censure Vice President Bebe D’Souza, the other, to pursue former Vice President Tom Raue for $50,000 of legal fees. These letters have been included…

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Statement from Patrick Massarani

It has been an immense privilege to represent you on Senate these past two years. Nowhere else does an opportunity exist for a young person to take on responsibility for a multi-billion dollar institution let alone one with as great and rich a history and intricate a tapestry of personalities and pursuits as The University…