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Sex (Mis)education by the Book

The book is a clear example of religion operating to the detriment of queer and young people, emblematic of a rotten religious education system. Amazingly, it has remained in use despite a 2015 ban by the NSW Department of Education.

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Abolish the Colleges

That they themselves believe that endemic sexual violence is a PR problem to be managed, rather than an abomination to be eliminated in its entirety, shows that these issues are institutionalised and deeply embedded in the Colleges.

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“Just Asking Questions”

Despite a rhetorical openness to debate and to having their ideas challenged, the Conservative Club demonstrates a consistent refusal to engage in open discussion.

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ARBC1234: More than just the ‘Arab World’

It is important to note that individuals in this part of the world do not consider themselves ‘Middle Eastern’. It is through the eyes of the West, its operations and its framing of ‘the Other’ that the world has come to see the region in such an essentialised way.