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Sydney Uni Cricket Club goes viral thanks to ‘juvenile’ meme

Naaman Zhou is a juvenile meme

Naaman Zhou is a juvenile meme

The Facebook page of the Sydney University Cricket Club has found immediate and international fame after accidentally referencing a sexual internet meme.

The Club’s cover photo, uploaded in May, has garnered nearly 4000 shares, 3,700 likes and more than 1000 comments in the past 48 hours.

The photo shows two club members next to a prominent light installation of the club’s acronym SUCC. According to the site Know Your Meme, “succ” is a “a slang word used as a form for bragging to receive fellatio”, often in the phrase “get the succ”.

Founded in 1864, the Club lists first Prime Minister Edmund Barton as a former member, and has now been shared by pages like ‘Trite yet saucy memes’ and ‘Post-ironic Sub Metahumour’.

“There’s no way they didn’t know,” said one page. “Australians are just clueless, this is meme gold,” said another.

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In a statement to Honi, the Club said they were “currently working hard to moderate the influx of comments, shares and likes”, and attributed the virality to “various meme pages internationally.”

“Juvenile humour is not unknown on the internet, and although our acronym obviously has the potential to appeal to people who are easily amused…we are doing what we can to minimise the impact”, said the Club.

“We’re confident that it will pass as soon as the next transient distraction appears, probably a kitten video.”

Innocent bystander and meme consumer Andrew Bell observed that the joke “seems to go over the heads of most casual observers, but has really resonated as an internet niche”.

At the time of publication, the page had been inundated with 5-star reviews with various references to the salacious meme.