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Route to Respect

I couldn't ruin his life, even though he ruined so many aspects of mine, for the fear that I'd be accused of giving a false accusation.

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Australia’s militaristic obsession

We have a duty to refuse the government the ability to sweep this new drive to war under the rug, and that must eventuate as a large-scale peoples’ power movement which puts power back into the majority’s hands. A long-haul effort some might say, but a worthy one nonetheless if students wish to have any say in the matter of militarism, welfare, health, and education.

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Sex (Mis)education by the Book

The book is a clear example of religion operating to the detriment of queer and young people, emblematic of a rotten religious education system. Amazingly, it has remained in use despite a 2015 ban by the NSW Department of Education.

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Abolish the Colleges

That they themselves believe that endemic sexual violence is a PR problem to be managed, rather than an abomination to be eliminated in its entirety, shows that these issues are institutionalised and deeply embedded in the Colleges.

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“Just Asking Questions”

Despite a rhetorical openness to debate and to having their ideas challenged, the Conservative Club demonstrates a consistent refusal to engage in open discussion.