Author: Mehnaaz Hossain

I’ve stretched my four-walled canvas out to infinity with memories and feelings — it’s become a museum of my life. When I inevitably have to peel the blu-tack off, I hope I can give all my trinkets —and by extension, myself— new meaning.

Each piece of the show spotlights the sheer talent and enduring impact that POC have had on the performing arts, and the necessity of cultivating this inclusive atmosphere in all theatre, everywhere.

In our current era, choice feminism and postfeminism collide inside an online algorithm which favours therapy-speak and is designed specifically to dissuade nuance and maximise profit margins, creating a toxic narrative: the widespread and mindless glorification of values and behaviours that uphold patriarchy, using the language of ‘feminism’.

There exists another version of me that is stuck at the age of 13, operating on a conversational level, frozen in a specific time and age.