Honi Soit writing competiton. Entries close July 29


Sydney University student-staff ratio crashes amid $3.3 billion endowment

USyd’s enormous wealth consolidates a crisis in tertiary education and indicates a university executive crying wolf over the grinding austerity measures of the past years.


How USyd funds gunboats, attack helicopters, heat-seeking missiles for US military

USyd’s $3.41 billion investment portfolio is linked to F-35 fighter planes, Patriot missile systems, Apache helicopters, Predator UAVs, and heat-seeking Javelin missile systems.


Duty of care: Cultivating a court for our climate

The proper response to the watershed Sharma v Minister for the Environment case, and imagining climate litigation in Australia as a tool for justice.


The school that wouldn’t budge: Darlington’s resistance

“The struggle for Darlington is a struggle not only for the preservation of tangible reminders of our past, but also the struggle for the right of individuals and communities to decide their own future.” - Darlington Public School, 1878-1978.


A masterclass in greenwashing by the University of Sydney

EnviroWeek included sustainability lectures, bake sales and floral treasure hunts – all while $338,130 of the USU’s funds was effectively financing BHP, Rio Tinto, and Woodside Petroleum.