‘I felt so alone’: Navigating USyd’s faceless bureaucracies as a student carer

The bureaucratic processes that students with additional caretaking responsibilities are offered at the University are clunky at best, and traumatic at worst.


EDITORIAL: Voice to Parliament

As students, the Editors of Honi Soit support a “Yes” vote. However, we do not wish to reduce the scope of the Voice debate to simply a decision to vote “Yes” or “No”.


‘Just enough’, but not enough: The students’ guide to the Budget

Honi attended Budget lockup to assess what the Budget included for students.


Abolish the Colleges

That they themselves believe that endemic sexual violence is a PR problem to be managed, rather than an abomination to be eliminated in its entirety, shows that these issues are institutionalised and deeply embedded in the Colleges.


USyd School of Psychology conducts sexual assault experiment on students

The experiment has been criticised for endangering students and questioned on its ethics.