Letters between Palestine and the West

I encourage you to dig deep within yourself and ask why you seem so uncomfortable with Palestinian right to armed resistance. Is it because we’re Arab? In a post-9/11 world, you should critically examine and dismantle some of the biases and phobias that the media has fed you.


Transphobia must die

The recent spate of violent anti-queer attacks in Australia is disgusting, and a long time coming. Honi condemns them in the strongest possible terms.


Student Centre shifts cancelled because of planned pro-staff protest

The University justified this to staff on the basis of ‘safety’, implying the protest — in support of Student Centre workers — poses a danger to Student Centre workers.


CAPA in Crisis

The slow death of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations is not entirely unique: it follows 15 years of student unions being underfunded and undervalued, despite their ability to transform education — and society — for the better.


The long road to transition: Where is USyd’s Gender Transition Plan?

The primary issue with the plan is that it was last updated in 2019, a different pre-COVID world which a lot of us only vaguely remember.