Splendour? Up my arse!

The blueprint for a community-led festival already exists in the way Splendour patrons interact with each other. Perhaps it’s time we wave goodbye to the profit-minded model of Australian festivals, and move towards one which cares for the people who attend them. And, more urgently, one which cares for the land they inhabit.


How USyd funds gunboats, attack helicopters, heat-seeking missiles for US military

USyd’s $3.41 billion investment portfolio is linked to F-35 fighter planes, Patriot missile systems, Apache helicopters, Predator UAVs, and heat-seeking Javelin missile systems.


Duty of care: Cultivating a court for our climate

The proper response to the watershed Sharma v Minister for the Environment case, and imagining climate litigation in Australia as a tool for justice.


The school that wouldn’t budge: Darlington’s resistance

“The struggle for Darlington is a struggle not only for the preservation of tangible reminders of our past, but also the struggle for the right of individuals and communities to decide their own future.” - Darlington Public School, 1878-1978.


A masterclass in greenwashing by the University of Sydney

EnviroWeek included sustainability lectures, bake sales and floral treasure hunts – all while $338,130 of the USU’s funds was effectively financing BHP, Rio Tinto, and Woodside Petroleum.