Author: Will Thorpe

HECS fees, tied to inflation, are set to rise by 4.8 percent in June, down from last year’s 7.1 percent rise. With a debt of $26,494, the average student will be liable for an extra $1,272, extrapolating from figures published by the Australian Taxation Office.

The Anglican Church-associated charitable organisation surveyed 45,115 rental properties across Australia. Only three – all sharehouses – were affordable on JobSeeker, 31 on the Disability Support Pension, 89 on the Age Pension and 289 on minimum wage. Each of these numbers accounted for less than one percent of surveyed properties.

The post generated a flurry of responses. While specific experiences varied, the overall picture was of poor or no reception across mobile networks in the surrounding area, whether living on the Petersham-Stanmore border, or travelling between Petersham and Newtown, or some other variation – the most extreme was travelling all the way from Strathfield to Redfern.

History, community, and shared spaces are intertwined, and Sydney’s historic homes have a unique role in bringing these together. They remind us of those who lived before, influencing those around and after them. May we think of who we are, too, and our own legacies.

Regional trains, meanwhile, slice directly through the countryside and the intervening settlements, for which they provide a crucial service. They do this without the comfort-sacrificing drawbacks of either motor cars or plane travel, nor the emissions of either.