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Fisher and Law libraries to operate 24 hours a day

Sam Langford reports.

USyd’s Fisher and Law libraries will now be permanently open, to meet high student demand for study spaces. The change will be implemented as of next semester.

The new opening hours will apply to all levels of Fisher Library, replacing the current 24 hour zone on level 3. Students will also no longer be required to exit the library at the end of normal operating hours and queue for re-entry, finally allowing local nerds to avoid both natural light and physical activity indefinitely.

The libraries will not be staffed after normal operating hours, but security personnel will be present to ensure safety and discourage orgies. Both libraries can be entered after hours from the main doors of Fisher, which are equipped with swipe access for current student and staff ID cards.

Most library facilities, including self-service borrowing and returns, will be available overnight. Meeting rooms are also available after hours, but still require online bookings.

Punters at Taste expressed their approval of the change. “It’s about time the libraries took advantage of their prime position outside the lockout zone,” said one literate enthusiast.

Others noted that as the 24-hour access extends to library bathrooms, kitchens, couches and sleep-pod facilities, the age-old dream of free student accommodation on campus may now be a reality. Insomniacs and aesthetically-inclined early risers can also view the sunrise from level 9, which might be nice.